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Time-Weighted vs Dollar-Weighted Returns

Two Quantitative Methods for Measuring ReturnDollar-Weighted vs Time-Weighted Imagine; you invest $100,000.  Six months later you put another $100,000 into the same investment.  Six months after that you sell all your shares for $300,000.   After a few rounds of self- congratulation on your investment prowess you decide to calculate your return.  You know you invested $200,000 and had gains of $100,000.  Since your gain of$100,000 is 50% of the $200,000 investe
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Asking the Right Questions- WSJ 12/6/2018

On December 6, 2018, the WSJ featured a special section of the paper dedicated to helping consumers find the right financial advisor. One article in particular caught my attention and formed the basis of our blog in this issue of OUR PROCESS.
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Gaining a Better Understanding of the Legacy Goal

Without exception, no one wants to run out of money before they finish their course here on Earth. It is for this reason that the Legacy Goal is a crucial input item in the planning process. Regardless of whether you desire to leave a substantial estate to your heirs or want to spend it all while you’re alive, setting the proper Legacy Goal is one of the key elements in our planning process.
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Doing Better than Your Friends

 “ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING BETTER RETURNS THAN ME.” (or “EVERYONE IS DOING BETTER THAN ME” )  Such overly generalized statements are indicative of our first hiccup in an otherwise smooth transition to Goals Based Wealth Management (GBWM). If I’ve heard this from one or two of my clients, I must assume that several more are thinking it. So, in the spirit of “cutting straight” the truth and administering an antidote to the pervasive myths
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Addressing Life Expectancy in GBWM

ADDRESSING LIFE EXPECTANCY IN GBWM  For this issue of OUR PROCESS, I want to review another equally important assumption – life expectancy. Life expectancy is relevant to the planning process because it affects duration i.e. how long the plan needs to last. To be certain, we want a plan that we build/craft for a client to last as long as or longer than they do.
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Addressing Taxes & Inflation in GBWM

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How Much Foreign is Too Much Foreign?

How Much Foreign is Too Much Foreign?The topic for this issue of OUR PROCESS came about from two current events; first, what is happening in Turkey and the possible ramifications on other Nations and second, from a book Rick just completed on China.Unlike Venezuela, what is happening in the country of Turkey matters much more not only because they are a member of NATO, but also because their economy affects many more nations than the limited regional issue caused by Venezuela’s problems. A
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