Mission & Philosophy



OUR MISSION is to rescue Retirees from past mistakes or pitfalls and recover them back to enjoying their BEST life in comfort and confidence.

OUR GOAL is to gain Christ, magnify Christ, and enjoy Christ as we fulfill our mission to manage and protect our client's finances and core-values. It is our sincere expectation that in the course of helping others, the revenue of VFA would be used to support the spread of the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. May the Lord's rich blessing and manifold wisdom be on this business and on all those we help.

WE BELIEVE that at every age, life has become so fast & complicated that a high quality of life cannot be preserved without having a plan.

WE BELIEVE that without planning you will have to settle for what you get instead of getting what you want.

WE BELIEVE that with only one chance at life, you can`t afford to practice. You have to get it right the first time.

WE BELIEVE that having a trusted advisor as a coach helps keep you from making mistakes and from falling victim to unethical sales practices.

WE BELIEVE that having a trusted advisor as a bodyguard protects your dreams and core-values from many attacks.

WE BELIEVE that having a trusted advisor as an interpreter helps to filter out much of the "noise" associated with living in the information age.

WE BELIEVE that you should control what is controllable and that you should measure the uncertainty of that which cannot be controlled. Fees, taxes, trading costs, life goals and portfolio underperformance are all CONTROLLABLE. The markets are NOT CONTROLLABLE.

Van Der Noord Financial Advisors, Inc. is a "boutique" financial planning firm offering concierge services to an exclusive clientele. Our competence, integrity and "client-first" business practices attract wealthy individuals who are seeking to experience financial planning done right. Life can only be experienced and enjoyed once. Make your experience count.

Van Der Noord Financial Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm which adheres to the orthodox financial planning process established by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. Furthermore, as CFP practitioners, Richard Van Der Noord and David Gerdt abide by the CFP Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.


Our philosophy is embodied in a quote from Zig Ziglar:

"You can have anything in life you want

if you help enough other people get what they want."

However, financial planning can mean different things to different people. Therefore...


At VFA, we are guided by a controlling vision of what the financial planning process should be. We believe that the financial planning process is a holistic and ongoing view of a client's entire financial life. It is focused on achieving a client's most important financial goals and results in an investment strategy that significantly increases the likelihood of meeting those goals. Financial planning is a customized and unique process for each client that provides choices to increase confidence in achieving the goals that are most important. As a result of this belief system, VFA has been a leading Advisory Firm behind the Goals-Based Wealth Management process sweeping the profession.

Financial planning done well is a "beautiful thing." You are only given one life--MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Let us help you live in comfort and confidence.

When financial planning is done right, it doesn't cost, it pays!