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When I am 100 Years Old

When I am 100 Years Old

This has been making the rounds on social media so we would not be surprised if you have already seen this essay. Nevertheless, it struck a chord with us and we wanted to share it with you all.

We do not know what grade she is in, but Emma Knight (no relation to our Erica Knight) hits a home run with her grade school essay. Here it is…

When I turn 100 years old, I will be tired of everything and everyone. So I will tell everyone I am going to Canada but actually go to the Bahamas. I’ll live in a tiny hut with my tiny dog. I will order fish tacos when I’m hungry & live my best life with no crap.

With wisdom beyond her years, young Emma realizes that there will be no satisfaction after decades of looking for fulfillment in things. After giving a “head-fake” to whomever she considers as non-essential, she plans to simplify her life. In fact, the only living creature sharing her tiny hut will be her tiny dog. She will eat what she wants and will live her best life. If only… Right?

As Emma grows up, she will learn much about the meaning and purpose of life, but even at a young age, Emma’s essay coincides with several tenants of the Goals-Based Wealth Management process. Here we see that she is controlling everything that can be controlled, a foundational principle in planning. Second, she has quantified an intangible – my best life – by breaking it down into a series of very tangible and more importantly measurable goals. Ultimately, Emma may have unintentionally given high-def clarity to what Goals-Based Wealth Management is all about. In fact, we like it so much, We’re considering making this our official company tagline

Live Your Best Life with No Crap

This is Financial Planning done right!

Rick Van Der Noord, CFP®
Dave Gerdt, CFP®