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OUR PROCESS - Corporate Mission & Goals

OUR PROCESS- Corporate Mission & Goal

While these terms may seem similar, there is a difference between a mission and a goal. A mission is something broader than a goal. Also, you can have more than one goal, but typically a singular mission. For most folks who retain the services of a Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP®), the mission is to live their BEST life. Many goals come and go in the process of accomplishing the mission. As such, goals are always smaller than mission. This is also reflected by the fact that there can be many goals but there is always one mission.


As legal entities, corporations also possess a mission as well as the goals needed to accomplish that mission. So, what about Van Der Noord Financial Advisors, Inc.? As stated in the company website, our mission and goals are…


OUR MISSION is to rescue Retirees from past mistakes or pitfalls and recover them back to enjoying their BEST life in comfort and confidence.


OUR GOALS are to gain Christ, magnify Christ, and enjoy Christ as we fulfill our mission to manage and protect our client's finances and core-values. It is our sincere expectation that in the course of helping others, the revenue of VFA would be used to support the spread of the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. May the Lord's rich blessing and manifold wisdom be on this business and on all those we help.


Our mission is to rescue and recover Retirees back to a life of comfort with confidence. Admittedly, bringing on a client a few years before their targeted retirement age and helping them enjoy a great life is relatively easy given our process. A more rewarding challenge for us is to bring on a family who has already been retired for several years and have gotten themselves into a fix. This is our niche which in turn helps define our corporate mission.


Our mission is being accomplished each and every day as a result of our clearly defined goals. At first blush, the goals may seem somewhat esoteric in relationship to the mission. So perhaps some explanation is needed.


Anchoring our goals (implied rather than spoken outright) is a popular quote from Zig Ziglar which pervades our corporate philosophy and culture that states, “You can have anything in life that you want if you help enough other people get what they want”. While this is somewhat personal, perhaps sharing my private goals will help you understand our corporate goals and how they help us accomplish the corporate mission. For my wife and I, living our BEST life involves philanthropy. We give to God, to causes, and to others. We are serious about giving and strive to give away half of whatever comes in. By helping others (our clients) get what they want (through financial planning), we are able to pay our bills and give away most of the rest. The families we help in our planning practice are happy and we are happy. Win-Win!


One should know the difference between goals and mission or else he is doomed to move in circles, round and round. There should be no ambiguity about the mission of an organization which is always supreme and the sole purpose of any organization while goals are milestones that need to be achieved to get to the final objective that is the mission of the organization.


This is the future of Advice. This is planning done right!